Benefits of studying abroad | Why Study Abroad?

Benefits of Studying Abroad

Education plays a vital role in our life. It enhances our way of living as well as make us aware and educated to help our society. As the importance of better education and learning increases, many students desire to study abroad.

Studying abroad away from your friends and family may seem scary at first, but in the long run, it will help you a lot. Pursuing UG studies from abroad can not only help you to learn more but also helps you stand out in a crowd.

Recently one of my friends was confused about whether she should go abroad for her masters in Biotechnology or not. She has excellent academic records and was prepared for the exams she was supposed to write for getting admission to the top universities abroad.

She was worried about a lot of aspects of traveling and living abroad so I thought to help her out a little by making sure she understands what opportunities she will be missing out on if she lets go of this amazing opportunity she has in her hands.

If you are also in a similar situation and are confused about what to do, this article is the exact thing you need right now.

21 Unexpected Studying Abroad Benefits.

When we look for the benefits of studying abroad, there are many but there are mainly two categories of these benefits:

Personal Benefits of Studying Abroad

Studying abroad can change you as a person in many different ways. The following are some of the ways it helps you develop and grow into a better version of yourself.

1. You will know and experience new countries and their lifestyles

Studying abroad will let you visit new countries where you will realize how different things are there then things in your own country. You get to experience the diversity of people and their lifestyles and get to know how different people around the world live.

2. Knowledge about the different cultures around the world

When you go to study outside your country, you start to live around people with different cultures and believes and when you start interacting with these people, intentionally or unintentionally, you start learning a lot about those cultures as well.

You will develop cultural sensitivity and will understand the value of different cultures people have around the world. You become kind to them.

3. Start looking at your own culture through a new lens

Usually ours’ is the only culture we usually come across and it becomes absolute for us. Whatever it says and teaches are the only correct thing. Our parents also sometimes play a roll in instilling this thought about culture in us.

When we come in contact with new and different cultures from all around the world, it will help us develop new views of our own rather than the predefined ones. It will change our outlook on our home culture and will let us develop our own opinions.

4. Meet new people and make new friends

When you go to study abroad where you have never been before, you try and find new people to be with and get included in new social circles which make you live through new experiences and will make you learn a lot of new things you knew nothing about before. And between meeting new people and knowing them deeply, you will gain a few friends for life who will become your support in the new place you are going. You find your new family.

5. You will get to learn a few new languages

Learning a new language is not that tough task if you want to. But even if we have a hobby, in day to day life we often do not get time or the interest to start learning a new one.

Brain PowerWhen you go abroad to study and especially a country whose native language is different than the languages you already know, you start picking up the language quite quickly and easily. When all your friends are gossiping about something you have absolutely no idea about but have an immense curiosity to know about, this becomes a motivation for you to learn the new language faster.

And it is also true that if you know someone’s native language and interact with them in their language, it becomes a lot easier to connect and make friends with them. And having a second language in your pocket is always going to increase your CV value and your overall value in the career perspective.

6. It helps to learn skills that will make your CV stand out from the crowd.

When you get your education from abroad, you are choosing to go outside of your comfort box, which will give you a lot of exposure to the outside world. You learn to adapt to the different culture and maintain relationships with people from different countries and cultural backgrounds.

7. You will live their rather than Visit

Living in another country is way different than spending a small amount of time there for your holidays. When you live abroad long term, you start to know and experience the place and get to know the smallest details of that place.

You start picking up local knowledge like where is the best local coffee or tea is available, how much to spend where so that you do not fall into a tourist trap and how to explore the place the best.

8. You will learn self- reliance

When you start living on your own in a completely new place, you slowly but surely start relying on yourself and start needing less help from others. This is going to be helpful for you when you move back to somewhere where you have people to rely on. You will realize that you are no longer so dependent on others and have started taking responsibilities of your own.

9. You will learn more about yourself

When you go to live in a new place, things start to challenge you and in these times you get to learn about yourself a lot. What you like, what you don’t like, what you are good at, what you are not good at, and a lot more about your personality opens up to you.

10. You will gain Independence

Going abroad to a completely new country for the first time alone to study is not a piece of cake. Having no one to fall back on, without any home support and people to look forward to when you think you are in trouble is a big challenge to take on and a brave thing to do.

But this is going to make you completely independent of yourself will make you a good adult for your future life. You will not fear anything and will become an adventurous adult on your own.

11. You will get to acquire new skills

When you go to new countries, you get the option to learn new skills which are easily accessible in those countries. Different countries have different teaching methods and when you start studying in a new country, you might come across a very different teaching style than that in your country which might be more innovative. This can help you get things more easily which helps you motivate in learning new skills which might add up to your CV as well.

12. You start to appreciate the smaller things

When you are at home, you are provided with everything you demand, from home-cooked food to your favorite pair of shoes. But when you go abroad with a budget in your mind, you start missing the things which came easily to you. You start to appreciate the smallest of things which you used to get easily at home but would not be getting in the country outside.

And at these moments, you start to appreciate your home and family more as well. All the sibling rivalries and arguments with parents seem insignificant compared to the memories. When you get to meet them again after a long time, you will realize how stronger your relationship now has become with them.

13. Last but not the least, you will experience overall personal growth

Several research and studies showed that students who went abroad to study showed improvement in five core traits: openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and emotional stability. As you can see, all of these traits are important for a person’s personal development.

People who get to study abroad are faced with such challenges that make them very adaptable to new situations and forces them to open themselves to adverse situations. This way their personality develops and grows. Students gain more self- confidence, become self- sufficient and independent, and all of these eventually lead to them becoming a better version of themselves.

Academic Benefits of Studying Abroad

Studying abroad can give you options which you could not see when you were studying in your own country. Studying abroad opens a lot of closed options for you and makes them accessible to you easily.

1. You will gain a vast variety of career options

When you go abroad t study, you gain new skills like a new second language. And once a new language is added to your CV, it provides you with a lot of new career opportunities in several other countries. Studying abroad can also open new opportunities for post-graduation and Ph.D. for you.

Once you are done with your studies there, you have the option to apply for work visas which in turn opens a vast amount of career opportunities in your country as well as in the abroad country. The things you have added to your personality by coming out and going abroad for your studies also look appealing to the recruiters and inspire them to hire you because of the overall qualities you have gained in your years.

2. You have the option to get a higher quality of education

Most people want to go outside for their education because the quality of education abroad is higher than that in their home country. So if you have access to higher quality education, this will help you immensely in your career in the future.Higher Skills

Most foreign universities offer advanced learning methods to make education interesting and more useful. They focus more on practical knowledge rather than just mugging up the whole syllabus. These learning techniques look more relevant to the present generation and impress them to pursue education from abroad.

Studying abroad also means having a vast number of university options to pick from. A large number of top-class universities get included in your option and you get to choose the best one for you amongst them.

3. You might enjoy the benefits of lower tuition fee

Some countries provide education for free in their public universities for their international students. So if you are thinking of studying abroad, there is a chance that you might get to study in a highly reputed university without many dents in your pockets.

4. The benefit of international student funding which is becoming common

These days more and more institutions and governmental bodies are offering student scholarships to international students. This might help all the international students get through their course abroad with less amount of money.

5. You get the opportunity for further studies

Once you complete your degree, applying for further studies abroad can help boost your CV and can also show the amount of dedication you have in your chosen subject.

The international academic community is a very important aspect to consider, so if you have a degree from a different country other than your home country, this can lead to you having many international connections and fresh ideas and perspectives on different topics which can make you a great candidate for master degrees and Ph.D. abroad.

6. Better job opportunities if you study abroad.

High Pay jobsIf you are pursuing education from abroad, there are chances that you might get a better job back in their native country. As there is a different learning experience, relatively better practical teaching methods abroad.

When you compare the annual package of the students who had graduated from abroad and students studied in my hometown, you will find a significant difference.


7. Pitching better investors to start the new business.

If you are planning to start a big business or some startup, you need investors and investors only invest when they feel assured. Therefore, if you have a degree from abroad, it will help you to gain some advantage than the rest.

So these are some of the many benefits of studying abroad and if you are planning on going to study abroad and are still thinking if it is the right thing for you or not, remember, trying new things is always good for everyone and once you step to the other side, a vast new world will be waiting for you to shine on. Keep studying, keep exploring!

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