18 Best Motivational Bollywood Movies to Watch in 2022 for Inspiration

Best Motivational Bollywood Movies to Watch

There are times when we all need a little push to get things done, to stay motivated. Be it starting something new, or keeping yourself consistent towards achieving a goal or just a little help uplifting one’s mood, each one of us needs a little motivation to stay consistent and dedicated towards the things we do.

So today, I am going to present you with a few motivational bollywood movies to watch, which can help you with motivating yourself and people around you when you feel a little down.

Top 18 Motivational Movies In Hindi That Will Fire You Up

1. Manjhi: The Mountain Man (2015)


  • IMDb Rating: 8/10
  • My Rating: 9/10

Plot: Dashrath Manjhi, a poor man who lives in a small village which has a lot of rocky mountain range with his wife. One day his wife slips up on one of these mountains, and because of no health care center nearby, she dies. Grieving Dashrath decides to create a shortcut through a mountain by cutting a road through it all by himself with a hammer and chisel. Even though people called him crazy, he finished the job within 22 years.

Review: Inspired by a true story, this movie tells us how endless faith and consistency can help you do and achieve anything in life.

This movie will make you connect with the grieve and pain of losing a loved one and will also make you feel inspired by the protagonist’s endless dedication towards his goal. The world will try to stop you, but you shall not ever.

2. Bhaag Milkha Bhaag (2013)

Bhaag Milkha Bhaag

  • IMDb Rating: 8.3/10
  • My Rating: 8.8/10

Plot: A movie based on the true story of one of the greatest Indian athlete, Milkha Singh. He is a world champion runner and an Olympian who is often referred to as Flying Sikh. This movie shows how Milkha Singh followed his dreams and became a great athlete despite facing the massacre of his family, partition, and homelessness.

Review: This movie shows how Milkha Singh faced every hurdle and darkness, touched rock bottom, but came out stronger. This movie has shown how if you have the dedication and want, even after struggles and facing hurdles, nothing is impossible to achieve.

In addition to the brilliant plot line, this story has some fantastic music as well, which will help you through your tough times. You can enjoy this Motivational Bollywood movie on Hotstar for free.

3. Chak De! India (2007)

Chak De! India

  • IMDb Rating: 8.4/10
  • My Rating: 9.1/10

Plot: Kabir Singh, ex men’s hockey player, is appointed to coach the Indian women’s hockey team. Faced allegations of deliberately making India lose in the past. Kabir Singh starts coaching this group of girls who are coming from different parts of the country and tries to make a team of them. On the way, Kabir and his team faced many challenges, but they overcame all of them.

Review: It is said that this movie is also based on the life of Mir Ranjan Negi who was a goalkeeper during Asian games in 1982 and was blamed for disloyalty when the country lost the game. This movie is full of patriotism and integrity and it shows how to keep going even after facing humiliation from everywhere.

Even though no one trusts you and your goals, you should always have trust in yourself and your goals. It also tells you how not to underestimate anyone because even if someone is struggling through life right now, there is a big chance that he or she is going to come out of it way stronger.

4. Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India (2001)

Lagaan Once Upon a Time in India

  • IMDb Rating: 8.2/10
  • My Rating: 9/10

Plot: This movie takes you to the time when India was under British rule. Bhuvan, a man from a small Indian village challenges the Britishers to play a game of cricket with the villagers so that they get relief from paying their taxes for a few months because there was no sufficient growth of crops due to lack of rain. This movie shows how the Indians struggled to help themselves against the Britishers and how they eventually emerged victoriously.

Review: The way villagers prepared to defeat the Britishers in their own game needs dedication and an immense amount of optimism. This movie teaches us to never lose hope because that is the only driving force at times of difficulties. When you keep your thoughts positive and consistently keep working towards your goals, you will definitely achieve success.

5. 3 Idiots (2009)

3 Idiots: Movies to Watch in 2020

  • IMDb Rating: 8.5/10
  • My Rating: 9.3/10

Plot: Based on the famous novel Five Point Someone written by Chetan Bhagat, this movie is about three engineering students who meet on the first day of their hostel life and start an amazing and beautiful journey of friendship.

Review: This movie was one of the most famous movies when it got released and was loved by many. This movie teaches us several important lessons. Like, you should chase excellence and success will automatically follow you and life is not all about good grades but achieving your dreams.

This movie teaches you how to be positive and face your fears courageously. This movie is especially important for Indian students and their parents for them to understand the flaws in the Indian education system and for them to get inspired to carve their own way to achieve their dreams.

6. Lakshya (2004) is another one on the list of Motivational Movies in Hindi

Lakshya: Motivational Bollywood Movies to Watch

  • IMDb Rating: 7.9/10
  • My Rating: 8.3/10

Plot: Karan is a man who likes to have fun with his friends and his girlfriend and wants to enjoy his life carefreely. After watching an action movie, he decides to join the army but quits when he realizes that initial training for getting in the army is getting difficult for him.

But after he drops out, people around him involving his family and girlfriend lose respect for him, and to gain his identity and self- worth back, he rejoins the army.

Review: This movie tells you all about how important it is to have a goal in your life to make it meaningful. Having goals in your life and continuously working to achieve them is what makes your life beautiful.

7. English Vinglish (2012)

English Vinglish

  • IMDb Rating: 7.8/10
  • My Rating: 8/10

Plot: Shashi, an Indian woman who cannot speak English well, is often made to feel inadequate and inadept by her family members. Her world changes when she goes abroad to attend a wedding of her relative and joins an English- speaking class.

Review: Sridevi has acted really well in this movie and you will be able to connect to her the whole time. This movie really tells us how social stigmas and prejudices often lead us to believe things that are not true which also harms our sense of self- worth.

This movie teaches that status is not defined by the languages you can speak. You defining and knowing your value and self- worth irrespective of what society tells you to be.

8. My Name Is Khan (2010)

My Name Is Khan: Best Motivational Hindi Movies

  • IMDb Rating: 8/10
  • My Rating: 8.5/10

Plot: Rizwan Khan, lives in the US and has Asperger’s Syndrome which affects his way of social interaction to an extent. He marries a single mother named Mandira who has a son.  Things go smoothly until the infamous 9/11 attack occurs and hatred towards the Muslim community rises.

Review: This movie motivates you to keep fighting for equality and justice, no matter what extent you have to go to. This movie shows a lot about equality and tells you how one can overcome the shortcomings in their life, be it physical, mental, or emotional. It teaches us never ever to give up.

9. Wake Up Sid (2009)

Wake Up Sid: Best Hindi Motivational Movies

  • IMDb Rating: 7.6/10
  • My Rating: 8/10

Plot: Siddharth Mehra, who is a carefree guy and likes to spend his father’s money accidentally bumps into Aisha, a girl who is passionate about her goals of becoming a writer. They eventually grow close and when Siddharth fails his exams, out of fear he moves out of his parent’s house and starts living with Aisha. There he realizes how he has been taking things for granted all his life and tries to make something out of his life.

Review: This movie teaches how important it is for someone to take responsibility for one’s life and relationships because otherwise, you will not even realize what you are losing in your life. To have a meaningful and happy life, people need to be responsible for their own lives.

10. Nayak: The Real Hero (2001)

Nayak: Hindi Inspirational Movies

  • IMDb Rating: 7.8/10
  • My Rating: 8/10

Plot: Shivaji Rao, a common journalist is assigned to interview the chief minister and in the process, he is being challenged by the Chief minister to become CM for one day. He is being appointed as CM for one day and chaos ensues.

Review: This movie shows how the political system of India works and how changes can be brought if someone wants to. This movie inspires us to do the right thing and also to help other people to make a better society. And last but not the least, do not stop even if the world is against you.

11. Dil Chahta Hai (2001)

Dil Chahta Hai

  • IMDb Rating: 8.2/10
  • My Rating: 8.5/10

Plot: This movie is a story about three college friends who go their own way after college because they have different dreams and approach towards life. Akash goes to Australia, Sameer starts to see a girl and Siddharth dedicates himself to his passion, art.

Review: This movie teaches us the value of friendship and relationships. It tells us that you should not take life too seriously because that will take out all the fun and beauty away. Friendships and people are way more valuable to have in life than materialistic things.

12. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara (2011)

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

  • IMDb Rating: 8.1/10
  • My Rating: 9/10

Plot: Three friends Kabir, Imran, and Arjun who are all busy in their own lives reunite to celebrate the remaining bachelor days of Kabir’s life before he gets married. The three friends set out for a vacation to Spain where they get to mend fences, clear misunderstandings, heal wounds, fall in love with life and face their worst fears.

Review: We are all busy in our lives and through this, we often forget to live our lives fully. This movie inspires us to do just that. There does not exist a job or a hurdle that can stop you from connecting to yourself and living your life fully. And in the way, if you get to connect with some very important people in your lives, why not?

13. Mary Kom (2014)

Mary Kom: inspiring movie in Hindi from Bollywood

  • IMDb Rating: 6.8/10
  • My Rating:7.1/10

Plot: This movie is based on the true-life events of the famous Indian Olympic Boxer Mary Kom. This movie tells us the story about how Mary Kom after being stopped thousands of times, achieved her dreams of becoming a boxer. From hiding and sneaking away to practice to having children and still getting back inside the ring, she has done it all and has achieved victory.

Review: If you want to do something, want to achieve something, this movie tells you that there is not a single excuse that can stop you from achieving it. If you truly want something, you will always find a way to achieve it. This movie motivates you to never stop fighting for what you want and dream for and if someone tries to stop you, keep fighting.

14. Swades (2004)

Swades: Inspiring Bollywood Movie

  • IMDb Rating: 8.3/10
  • My Rating: 8.9/10

Plot: Mohan is employed at NASA and has come back to India to find his Nanny Kaveri. During his stay in a village where his nanny stays, he sees that the village needs a lot of development and tries to reform the place.

Review: Again, a movie which will motivate you to do something good for your nation, to help the poor with your skills and talent. You can watch this best motivational Bollywood movie on Netflix.

15. Taare Zameen Par (2007)

Taare Zameen Par

  • IMDb Rating: 8.5/10
  • My Rating: 9.5/10

Plot: Ishaan is a kid who is not really good at academics but is a really good artist. Although like almost all Indian parents, his parents also criticize him and sends him to a boarding school for his poor performance. There as well he seems lost until a new art teacher, Ram, realizes that he has dyslexia and tries to help him uncover his full potential.

Review: A movie that will make you laugh, cry, and feel nostalgic at the same time. This movie is going to take you to an emotional roller coaster ride. The movie motivates you to never ever underestimate yourself and always do what you love, what you are passionate about.

Like the fish cannot win a race on land, not everyone can do everything. Everyone is unique and has their own qualities that need to be nurtured and if anyone ever tells you that you are not good enough, you should just ignore them and keep moving ahead with what your dreams and goals are. And never get demotivated.

16. Iqbal (2005)

Iqbal: motivational Movie Hindi

  • IMDb Rating: 8.1/10
  • My Rating: 8.5/10

Plot: Iqbal cannot speak and cannot hear and he wants to join the Indian Cricket Team. But his physical issues hinder his selection in the team and he approaches a retired cricket coach to train him. Through all of this, his little sister stands with him all along.

Review: This movie again motivates you to work through all kinds of adversaries to achieve your goals. Whatever life throws at you, face it bravely and you will definitely find ways to win over it.

17. Rang De Basanti (2006)

Rang De Basanti

  • IMDb Rating: 8.1/10
  • My Rating: 8.5/10

Plot: Sue, a foreigner and a filmmaker approach a group of friends to portray a bunch of Indian Freedom Fighters in her film. Unknowingly in doing so, she awakens their patriotism and they get turned into a bunch of rebels for a cause.

Review: A very emotional journey is portrayed in this film which will definitely make you want to do something for your country as well. Would motivate you to make things right. This movie is going to make you cry and at the same time will awaken your patriotism as well. All the actors have acted exceedingly well.

18. Airlift (2016)

Airlift: motivational Hindi Movie for success

Plot: Ranjit Katiyal, an Indian businessman who is leading a very happy life with his wife and child in Kuwait, decides to risk it all and save his countrymen when Iraq invades Kuwait in August 1990.

Review: This movie is all about patriotism towards our country and how a single person is ready to risk it all just to save his fellow citizens. This movie motivates you to do something for your nation without hesitating.

  • IMDb Rating: 8/10
  • My Rating: 9/10

So these are a few of the best motivational Hindi movies to watch which I am sure is going to inspire you to do things which you find difficult and to keep yourself uplifted in difficult times. Have a good time!

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