32 Funny Relatable Tweets Which Surely Sums Up Your Life


Social Media has completely changed our way of thinking, lifestyle, and even way to connect. We stay up to date about the things happening in society, friends, and family members life etc all thanks to the rising role of social media. Have you ever got the feeling, yes my life is also the so much same? Just be witty brings you these 12 funny relatable tweets about life, They’ll make you  smile and say ‘That’s So My life!’

From uploading billions of photos to putting ‘check-in’ of places you visited, stalking your crush to explore #lifegoals in unknown accounts, we all are doing similar things online. We all have so much in common going on in our life that there are very high chances to see it while scrolling, right? We all had a similar sort of childhood, our parents are equally unhappy with our more use of mobile phones, all our trip planning have not completed yet.

If you ever get the feeling of being ‘different’ or life is harsh to you, just scroll social media and see funny tweets about life and you will realize you’re not alone. Sometimes things can simpler than they seem to be, say life, so simple you can sum it up in just one or two lines.

We bring you these 32 Funny tweets that I am sure you all can relate easily.

1.  Watching our siblings on TV is always fun

Siblings On TV

2.  Funny parents tweets coming to you.

funny parents tweets

3.  The last thing I need is financial advice from my kids

parenting tweets

4. Is it because of laziness or me actually think so highly of myself?

relatable life





5.  Not so much of man when it comes to your wants vs. wife wants.



6. Is it happens with every husband or it’s just me?


7. Especially when it’s winter.

funny tweets about life

8. I even avoid doing day to day job brother!

My life tweets

9.  Staring a wall is my best regret pleasure

Staring wall tweets

10. Do you have any picture in your cubicle?

funny tweets about life

11. Exams really test your skills.

funny tweets about life

12. Best or worst, nothing in between.

14. We are not close enough yet buddy.Relatable life tweets

14. Children can be really picky and annoying!

funny tweets about children

15.  Sisters are the only thief in our house

sisters are cute

16. Keep the kids busy

Funny after marriage tweets

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17.  Is there really a wrong way to put milk back in the fridge?

funny relatable married life

18. Mom’s are cute, aren’t they?

funny mom tweets

19. Tell me someone more annoying than them

Last born siblings

20. Need more friends!

relatable twitter tweets

21. Tests are never my type of thing

relatable exam tweets

22. iPhone alarm sucks

iphone tweets

23. They must appreciate this tweet

Elder sibling

24. Good boys end up friend zone.

friendzone tweets

25. Dating isn’t always easy for funny guys

26.  Professors do shitty jobs

funny professor fails

27.  Valentine day is not so good for single



28. I hate lies

about life

29. Life beyond mobile is not that bad

life beyond mobile

30. Self-love need more encouragement

Self love is important

31. Snake of my life

snake of my life

32. The doctor doesn’t like lies.

doctor tweets


These tweets got more than 50k retweets which tell you not everyone has a different life. If you have more such relatable tweets or posts in mind, tell us in the comment section. I am waiting to read more such funny tweets you have ever come across.

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