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How To Fall Asleep Instantly

Good sleep is something every person in this planet seeks to have and why not? It is really vital for the proper functioning of our body and brain. Nowadays, many of us face sleep deprivation and have a severe problem of not having a sound sleep at night. Statistically speaking about 20-25% of the world population suffer from a sleeping disorder. So, How to fall asleep instantly? Fortunately, there are plenty of solutions to overcome this problem. Just Be Witty brings you tried and tested tricks of how to fall asleep instantly in less than 120 seconds.

How To Fall Asleep Instantly Without Hassle?

1. Lower The Room Temperature

Air conditioner

Our Body temperature changes when we fall asleep, core body temperature decreases and induces sleep. It might be hard time falling asleep if the room temperature is high. Lowering the room temperature might do the trick and help you have a good relaxing sleep.

2. Minimize Distracting Noises

It is really hard to sleep if you live near a busy road or hear various distracting sounds while you are trying to sleep. You could invest in noise cancellation glasses or just play the recordings of peaceful nature sounds and soft music.

3. Get Comfortable

If your sleeping surface is not comfortable you are bound to have a sleeping disorder. Buy comfortable mattresses, pillows, and softer blankets and sheets. Also, do not forget to adjust your pillows to sleeping comfortably and keeping your body aligned.

4. Practice Yoga and Meditation

yoga and meditation
How To Fall Asleep Instantly

People tend to have sleepless nights when are stressed or facing emotional difficulties. Yoga and Meditation can help to calm the mind and make you feel more relaxed. Moreover, it will result in better sleep and healthy and fresh mind.

5. Try Relaxing Techniques

  • Start counting numbers or sheep while taking deep breaths. It is a well-known trick that always works, focus only on counting to relax and clear your mind.
  • Thinking or visualizing a beautiful place always help in calming your mind. Think of any place you love or you feel comfortable, focus only on being there.

6. Read or Write something

How To Fall Asleep Instantly
How To Fall Asleep Instantly

Reading a book before going to bed can help you relax and reduce all the stress from your mind. Avoid reading horror or thriller books as they may excite your mind instead of calming it down. NOTE: Read the paper books only not  E-books as the light that emits from electronic devices can make it harder to fall asleep.

Start writing a journal to get rid of your daily stress. Write about your day’s events or list of things that bother you as jotting them out on your paper may help you to sleep faster.

7. Avoid working out at night

We have often heard that working out can be beneficial for good quality sleep. However, avoid working out before going to bed as working out increases our body temperature and refreshes our brain which in turn keeps us from getting sleepy.

To Sum  Up

Bad sleep can not only hamper your mood but it also affects your physical and mental health. If you are facing trouble in having a sound sleep here is our tried and tested solutions on how to sleep instantly. I hope your search for a solution on how to fall asleep instantly ends after reading this article.

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