Top 18 Motivational Songs In Hindi That Gives Me Goosebumps

Motivational songs in Hindi

Have you ever got the feeling where you can’t seem to get anything done, right? You feel like giving up, wanna leave all the shit around. music quotes in English

Isn’t it interesting how we can be so motivated some days, and the very next day, you don’t even find a single reason to continue?

This might be because of a rough patch you are facing.

Music is a beautiful thing, and you enjoy it when happy but understand it when low. The right inspiring lyrics or motivational Hindi songs can make you feel motivated back again to accomplish your goals and targets or just a reminder little lift that we occasionally need.

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Bollywood had produced so many motivational Hindi songs with time, which can inspire you to give your best to achieve success.

Motivational songs in Hindi are the best source of self-motivation you can find easily. A person who can keep himself or herself motivated can never fail in his or her life.

Here is the list of top inspiring songs in Hindi from Bollywood, which can give you goosebumps.

1. If the song Chak De India cannot motivate or give you goosebumps you, then maybe nothing can.

This title track from Bollywood movie Chak De! India (2007) is very close to my heart. It always inspires me to not give up easy in setbacks and work hard for my success.

You can watch and listen to this amazing song here:

2. The title song of movie Lakshya is one of the very motivating songs in Hindi

Some Bollywood movie songs leave a significant impact on your life, and this song from the movie Lakshya is one of them.

You can watch the video and listen to this inspiring song here:

3. This Bhaag Milkha Bhaag song inspires you to achieve something.

Bhaag Milkha Bhaag is one of the most exceptional biopics in Indian cinemas. I started working out after watching this movie.  You must watch this movie if you haven’t.  This song can pump your blood to buck up and give your best again.

The protagonist (Milkha Singh), who returns home with a defeat, is very hungry to do something great. And that is where this song comes into play.

You can enjoy this Motivational Bollywood track here:

zinda lyrics Bhaag Milkha Bhaag

This song is being played when he trains like a beast and runs on roads, sands, and hills with a weight tied to him. Hearing this Hindi motivational song, lits up the fire inside, you feel like you want to hit the road and start your journey towards your passion.

4. This song from Rang De Basanti movie has an energizing feel to it.

Old is gold, they say, and I agree, Roobaroo song from Rang De Basanti (2006) is one of a kind. This song is about refinding the lost dream and trying to catch up with it.

You can watch this video and listen this Inspiring Bollywood song here:

Roobaroo song

It is falling and rising up again, coming back stronger. This will power you like as if you swallowed a bright sun and will make you refocus your goals with the new way that you paved for yourself.

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5. Brother anthem is another one on the list of Motivational songs in Hindi

Truly a song that can bring you out from Low and can make you motivated as never before.

You can watch this Inspirational song’s video in Hindi here:

Brother anthem motivational Hindi song

6. How can Title Song from the movie Dangal miss the List?

This song is my all-time favorite and is composed by Pritam and sung by Daler Mehndi. The lyric is written by the legendary Amitabh Bhattacharya.

You can watch this motivational song Hindi here:

Dangal Titile Song motivational

Each and every word in this song is motivating and that too combined with the video it gives us the power to do whatever we wanted to achieve.

7. Yes, Salman Khan, SULTAN Title song, is also one of many Bollywood Inspirational Hindi songs.

You can listen to this motivational Hindi song for success song here.

SULTAN Title song: Hindi Ispirational Song

8. Mary Kom is inspirational, and songs from her biopic are equally motivating.

You can watch this beautiful energetic song salaam India from Mary Kom here:

mary kom salaam india

9. Aashayein song from movie Iqbal

This beautiful song from the movie Iqbal tells us that our dreams and aspirations can take us a long way once we decide that nothing is impossible.

Aashayein song from Iqbal

In the vocals of Kk & Salim Merchant, the song is composed by Salim Sulaiman and penned by Irfan Siddique.

10. Kar Har Maidan Fateh from Sanju Movie

This song from Movie Sanju is another hit motivational Bollywood song, which can no doubt inspire you to tackle your obstacle.

This song will give you the power to take advantage of the situation you are in to win the dream that you wanted instead of whining around.

You can Watch this Inspirational Hindi  song here:


Melt the chain that is tied to you to stop you from achieving the goal and make a sword out of the melt chain and win the battle.

11. Soorma Anthem – Diljit Dosanjh | Taapsee Pannu – 2018

Don’t miss out on this most inspiring Hindi track of the year with the Lyric Video of Soorma Anthem. Penned by Gulzar and voiced by Shankar Mahadevan.

Soorma Anthem song: Motivational Hindi Song

12. Aapna Time Aaayega from the movie “Gully Boy” 

This song is really motivating where this song is about sending a strong message to the world that your time has come and it’s time for me to wake from my ashes and fly so high that the sky will rise above.

You can Watch this Inspiring song Hindi here:

Aapna Time Aaayega from Gully Boy

13. Baadal pe paon hai (Chak De India, 2007)

When dreams shape into reality, that feeling can’t be expressed in words. Set out to conquer the world with the song ‘Badal Pe Paon Hain’ from ‘Chak De India.’

Baadal pe paon hai

14. Chal Utth Bandeya from Do Lafzon Ki Kahani.

When it seems nothing is possible, everything seems dark and you feel like a failure and are at your lowest point, this song will inspire your soul to look forward to a new day with new chances and to never ever stop moving.

Chal Utth Bandeya Hindi motivational song Chal Utth Bandeya Hindi motivational song

15. By the way song from movie Aisha.

I don’t know why this Bollywood movie is recognized much, but it is by far one of the best films of Sonam Kapoor. Listen to this song, and it will make you energetic.

By the way song from movie Aisha

16. Jame Raho Hindi song from Tare Zameen Par, one of the best produced by Bollywood.

This song and movie can be very motivational for students and give a beautiful message to their parents.

Jame Raho song from Tare Zameen Par

17. Chak Lein De is Hindi Inspirational song from the movie Chandni Chowk To China.

Yet another killer song from Sukhwinder Singh. He has a voice that is like an unstoppable force. No wonder that his voice wakes up the sleeping tiger inside us.

Not one of the most beautiful Bollywood movie from Akshay Kumar but this song surely motivate many.

Chak Lein De motivational song

This song was spread wide across the country irrespective of what sport they are actually following. This will make you do something towards your ambition instead of just talking about it. This song will make you take action and make you take action again and again until you succeed.

18. M S DHONI: Parwah Nahi

This song is from the movie “MS Dhoni – The Untold Story” Mahendra Singh Dhoni is a legend in India. He inspires a million here and this movie is about the struggles and obstacles that MSD overcome to reach where he is now.

M S DHONI Parwah Nahi song: Hindi Inspirational song

This song means “don’t care”. Don’t care if your path to your success is stony and don’t care even if the faces of the dream becomes hazy.

This song comes in the crucial part of the movie where MSD is desperately trying for chance and tries all the way possible to get into a team. He plays tennis ball cricket, cork ball and also works as a ticket collector.

Just download and add these motivational songs in Hindi to your playlist and listen to them whenever you feel low. I bet these Motivational Bollywood songs will help you get through any situation.

Let’s summarise our motivational Hindi song playlist.

  • Chak De India Title Track
  • Lakshya  Movie Title song
  • Zinda Song from Bhag Milkha Bhag
  • Brother Anthem
  • Dangal Title Track
  • Salaam from Mary Kom
  • Jame Raho” from Tare Zameen Par
  • Kar Har Maidan Fateh from Sanju
  • Roobaroo from Rang De Basanti
  • Soorma Anthem
  • Aashayein song from movie Iqbal
  • Aapna Time Aaayega from the movie Gully Boy
  • Title Track of Movie Sultan
  • Chak Lein De song
  • Baadal pe Paon hai from Chak De India
  • Chal Uth Bandeya from Do Lafzon Ki Kahani
  • Parwah Nahi and
  • By the way song from movie Aisha.

Do you have any other Hindi motivational songs which inspire you to do better? We would love to hear them. Let us know in the comments section if we have missed any. We read all the comments. 

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Which are the best Inspirational Hindi Songs?

There are various Hindi Inspirational songs available for you to listen to get instant motivation. Few are Chak De India Title Track, Lakshya Movie Title song, Zinda Song from Bhag Milkha Bhag, Brother Anthem, Dangal Title Track, Salaam from Mary Kom.

Which are the best motivational Hindi songs for success?

Here is the list of motivational Bollywood songs that will motivate you to work hard towards your success. Jame Raho from Tare Zameen Par, Kar Har Maidan Fateh from Sanju, Roobaroo from Rang De Basanti, Soorma Anthem, Halla Bol Song, Aashayein song from movie Iqbal, Aapna Time Aaayega from the movie Gully Boy

Which are the best motivational songs Hindi for a workout?

Chak De India Title Track, Zinda Song from Bhag Milkha Bhag, Dangal Title Track, Title Track of Movie Sultan, Chak Lein De song, Baadal pe Paon hai from Chak De India and Brother Anthem.

Which are the best motivational songs in Hindi for students?

Chal Uth Bandeya from Do Lafzon Ki Kahani, Jame Raho from Tare Zameen Par, Salaam from Mary Kom, Lakshya Movie Title song, Parwah Nahi and By the way song from movie Aisha.


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