Personality Development Tips: 14 Unique Ways To Improve


There is a  common notion which suggests that people are born with certain fixed personality traits, and rest is upbringing. But this world is no less than a marketplace, and we humans are no less than salespeople.

We are selling ourselves, our personalities. So everybody wants an attractive character that gets you whatever you want, at least I do. That’s when I started searching for personality development tips and courses.

The first question arises- Can I change my personality? If yes, how to improve my personality? How to develop a personality? Studies suggest that yes, we can be the best version of ourselves if you want to.

I have tried many things as you all know we have plenty of information around, then I applied and tested it on me. Some worked well, and many didn’t, but you don’t have to worry I will save your hustle, money and time.

I will share with you the best unique tips for personality development that I am sure will work to improve one’s personality and hence one’s career.

14 personality development tips to make you more pleasing

1. Improving Body Language

We get the reflection of a person’s character without even talking to that person. One’s gestures, such as standing and sitting posture, facial expressions, hand movement, tell a lot about the person.

While talking to a person, one should always stand straight with either folded arms or arms at the back. This reflects respect being paid to the other person. One should always look into the eyes of the other person. Eye contact reflects confidence and conviction.

These things look small but add so much to your personality.

2. Reading Habits

A person must be well informed and aware of the latest happenings in the country and the world. The easiest way to do this is to read a newspaper, novels, self-help books, or even follow apps such as Inshorts and daily books

Reading not just broadens one’s horizon but triggers one’s thought process. It gives you a new perspective. When you read, you have a lot more to talk about to people. Reading helps you connect with people and make connections with them.

A book either educates entertains or inspires, but some masterpieces have all these virtues.

A great orator is always a good reader because whatever he speaks, it is coming from the knowledge gathered from reading books.

Start with a genre you like, and when you get used to it, expand to other genres, and soon you will fall in the magical world of reading and would never want to come back.

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3. Mastering Soft Skills

Soft skills may be defined as those set of skills that aren’t taught in any curriculum but are of paramount importance in life.

One must teach soft skills such as punctuality, humility, optimism, team spirit. These are highly valued skills, and these may be the icing on a cake or spoilsport of your personality.

No matter how educated one is, but if one does not have these soft skills, the entire purpose of education is defeated. This is also one of the promising personality development advice.

4. Socialize

A person should not shy away from interacting with a diverse set of people coming from different walks of life.

Each person has a story to tell, and each story has a lesson to teach. Meeting new people not only makes life interesting, but one gets to learn a lot about different cultures, practices, etc. 

Start going on events where you can interact with a bunch of people, don’t just share your contacts share a bond. It also opens you up, and you no longer feel the hesitation to talk to new people, and you feel much more confident.

5. Improve Your Speaking Skills

Improve Your Speaking SkillsNot everyone is master at communication skills, but you can surely become a jack at this. The world is a strange place; it would not judge you on who you are but what you tell them you are.

This is how essential oratory skills are the common thing between all the great leaders of the world are that they are greatest of orators. 

To improve upon this, one must read and start speaking may be in front of the mirror, to begin with than in your peer group, and gradually public speaking at big gatherings. This one skill is the most crucial skill to develop that will help you sail through many ordeals in your life.

6. Self–Evaluation

One should try new things and find out what he/she derives pleasure. Everyone has some limitations, but not to forget everyone has a unique personality and interests that make them different from the world.

Knowing your interest is the highest virtue in the world. If you follow your interest, it makes work fun, and you feel happy doing it. This happiness reflects in your personality, and you make the world around you comfortable as well. 

7. Be yourself

Each person has unique qualities, characteristics, and traits that set them apart from the rest. In the quest to look impressive, one must not fake his/her true self because a fake personality is worse than a bad character. 

Don’t compare yourself with others, don’t pretend to be someone you are not, stay true to yourself. Improving your personality is just trying to be the version of yourself and not of anyone else.

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8. Be a Good Listener 

Of all the personality development tips talked above, being a good listener is the greatest of them all.

We often miss this trait or not pay attention to this much, but when you are listening attentively to someone, it’s not just a gesture of respect but helps in having a meaningful and fruitful conversation. It shows your character.

9. Be Confident

Work on your confidence level and growth because having a confident look is adorable and is key to having a strong personality. Don’t let the doubt get you, remind yourself of your strengths, and start trusting your judgment.

Even if you made a mistake, don’t panic; confidently handle the situation and move on.

Remember being confident does not mean you have to be cocky. Speak when you feel it’s relevant. You don’t have to self-obsessed and brag about yourself. It will backfire.

Have positive thoughts and mindset for yourself and others, compliment, and offer kind remarks to the people around you.

14 Personality development tips

10. Strive to be independent

One should try to reduce his/her dependency on others as much as possible.

When you try to be independent, you face many problems that prepare you to meet the world ahead and, in a way, polishes your personality.

An independent person has a more dynamic personality than a person who relies too much on others.

11. Work on your attire

Wearing clothes which make you feel comfortable is good but dressing up according to situations and occasions speaks volumes about your personality.

Have a separate attire for different occasions i.e., formals in the office are different from formals in functions. Don’t feel uncomfortable with your body type, create your style, and be confident.

Accessories like your shoes, jewelry, bags, perfumes, watches, ties, cuff links, wallets, your laptop bag all add up for a great look and personality.

12. Try to be dynamic

One should change with time. One should never be adamant about something rather should be flexible and open to new ideas, ways, and practices.

Still, water is always dirty, be like flowing water, changing it’s a course with terrains. As a result, it is always clean and full of life.

13. Healthy lifestyle

Having a healthy lifestyle is a prerequisite for a good personality. Eating healthy food and spending time on physical fitness keeps you energized, and you always feel high on energy throughout the day. 

No one likes a lazy person; thus, to be energetic all the time, one must adopt a healthy lifestyle.

14. Develop Sense of Humor 

No one wants to be around people with no sense of humor. Everyone loves to be around someone who has the charisma to make everybody feel light-hearted and laugh.

If you aren’t funny naturally, try to appreciate the audience who has a good sense of humor. People will naturally get attracted to you if you can win their hearts with your quick jokes.

Some more good personality development tips at a glance:

  • Accept and recognize your weakness
  • Be passionate about your work
  • Don’t be short-tempered and aggressive
  • Be polite
  • Create your style
  • Don’t fear failure
  • Stay smart and keep cool
  • Be optimistic
  • Practice self-care
  • Keep an open mind
  • Smile a lot
  • Don’t be egoistic

I hope these personality development tips save you time and help you be the best version of yourself. These tips and ideas have helped me in my personality a lot. They are surely tried and tested.

Your personality will not change drastically overnight. It takes time and practice. Improving your personality is not a one day job, nor it’s easy to practice these tips and to develop them in your lifestyle.

But I am sure if you start working on these personality development tips and ideas, in the long run, you will see an impact in your confidence and the way people respond to you!

How to Develop a Personality?

Developing personality includes a lot of different things to focus on. It is not a one- day job but a lifelong process that requires consistent effort and dedication. There are a few things which need to be focused on to develop an individual’s personality:
• Improving self- awareness: Improving self- awareness within and individual is an important key to build his or her character by ten folds.
• Improving self- Knowledge: Knowing about yourself, what kind of person you are, what are you like, the answers to these questions can help an individual to grow a lot.
• Learning and improving Skills: Knowing and learning new skills not only adds to your CV but also adds value to your life and individuality. They help you differentiate yourself from others.
• Improving health, wealth and social status: All of these are important aspects to an individual’s personality. If you are not healthy you won’t be able to show the world who you really are. And as we all know, wealth and social status are some of the first things recognized about an individual these days.
•Building and renewing Self-esteem and Identity: Self-esteem is really important for an individual to exist in this harsh world. Having an identity for yourself so that people recognize you as an individual is important.

What is Personality Development:?

Personality is simply the characteristics in an individual which includes behavior, emotional patterns, cognition and awareness evolved due to biology and psychological interaction with one’s environment.
Personality improvement is the thoughts, feelings, behaviors and other psychological characteristics that develop in an individual from an early point of life and distinguishes them from other individuals. Personality starts developing from an early age and continues to develop throughout the life of an individual. Traits in adult personality evolve from the already instilled childhood personality which was most probably instilled from when the individual had any consciousness.
Personality Development is developing and enhancing all the good qualities and characteristics already present in an individual. If there is some negative characteristics then Personality Development makes sure that they are reduced or gone. It helps an individual to gain confidence and self- esteem and plays an extremely important role in the overall growth of an individual.

How to make an impressive personality?

There are a few ways by focusing on which an individual can make and develop his or her personality to impress the world:
• Dressing up well: The first thing anyone notices about an individual is not what he or she is like but what he or she is wearing. Dress according to the occasion. Do not wear party wear to the office or vice versa. Keep your attire cleaned and ironed properly because your attire makes the first impression.
• Be Original: Always be yourself because no two individuals are the same. Always try and be who you are and never compare yourself to others because that will only lead to negative thoughts. And never imitate others.
• Be social: Improve your social skills and always try and meet new people. Interact with them and always interact positively with proper body language because this will always lead you to have increased self- confidence.
• Learn and Know your Positives: Knowing and strengthening your positive points in your personality will always help you develop your personality.
• Be funny and come across as a leader: Your humor can make people very comfortable around you and make them like you more. And making people feel comfortable will make people more inclined to follow you.

How to teach Personality Development to Students?

This will be the age where a child or a student will develop his or her personality, initially making it an extremely crucial stage for personality development. Instilling positive values and ideas into their mind and character at this age is the most important and right thing to do because they end up growing with and practicing these positive values. There are several ways to teach Personality Development to a child:
• When your child or student behaves incorrectly or makes any mistakes, always avoid labeling them. Because then he or she will block every other option available to him or her and will think that they are the labeled thing only. This prevents them from developing further and leads them to lose their self- esteem.
• Always listen to what they have to say and never avoid them. This leads to the development of their confidence and self- worth.
• Every student and child has his or her positive and negative points. Always be gentle with their negative aspects and encouraging with their positive ones.
• Never compare them to other students and children their age. This leads to a decrease in self- confidence and self- worth. They think they are not good enough for you, and they get confused with their identity. Always remember they are supposed to be themselves and not someone else.
• Don’t just tell them things you want them to do, do something you want them to do because children learn what they see way more than what they hear.
• Let them play because that is a significant aspect while their personality is developing.
• Let them be independent. Let them do their homework on their own, and assign them house chores and class chores of their own. This will make them learn about responsibility and independence.

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