How To Fix a Broken Relationship | Rekindle a Relationship with 11 Tips

how to fix a broken relationship

Are you going through a rough patch? Or have you broken up with someone that matter’s a lot in your life? Worry not, and It is okay to have ups and downs in a relationship.

If you don’t have them, then it means that someone out of the two is acting fake by compromising on everything. Trust me, that’s not good too. Strange, right? But that’s life. The problem goes out of the hand when sometimes we fail to act on things on time, which results in a broken relationship. 

This article is especially for those who have more downs than ups. The only way to solve it is one of you making an effort to know what the actual problem is. Wait, is making efforts are just enough? No, and this is why I will tell you things that you need to do to rebuild the bridge that is right now hanging on a cliff.

All relationships started perfectly, but some relationships change over time and some change after marriage. Don’t worry, and this is for all kinds of relationships. Let it be a married couple or newbies or someone who recently moved to live-in. If you have a damaged or toxic relationship, this is for you.

I appreciate you if you are willing to do what it takes to fix your broken relationship because it takes a lot of strength and determination to rekindle a relationship. But after some rough road, I learned the art of fixing a broken relationship, and I am going to share things that worked for me.

Even if you are facing many problems in your relationship, you can turn things around. You don’t have to give up yet.

There is the hope of fixing a broken relationship only if your answer to all these questions is yes

  1. Do both of you guys need the same thing?
  2. Are you sure that you are not attracted to someone else?
  3. Are you sure that the other has not moved on to another relationship?
  4. Do you have the energy and patience to get things back?

I hope you have answered yes to all the above questions. Now, without wasting any time, let’s get into the topic so that I could help you mending your ruined relationship, so you get back the love of your life.

Here are some tips on how to fix broken relationships:

1. Find The Problem

Try to find the root cause of all the problems that you are facing now. This is something that you can do to have an idea about fixing your relationship. Take alone time. Think about the times when you argued. Just try to remember how it started.

It could be just a difference of opinion, or you would have talked about someone whom the other one hates. If these are reasons, then you can fix it up all by yourself. Just have in mind when you talk to your next time and tell them that you will rectify it. There is nothing more soothing than seeing your partner standing up and fixing the relationship.

If you can’t find the actual problem, then you need not worry. You can very well ask your partner without any shame. Discuss it, save your broken relationship.

2. Write Down Your Thoughts


Why is your relationship, not the same anymore? How did it break, and how did it get to that point? What do you wish to have never happened or happened differently?

Organise all your thoughts going through your mind. Get a pen and paper and write what you are feeling.

P.S. you can use the free notes area on mobile. Don’t think, write down every thought that comes to mind.

3. Communication Is Everything

The problem with our generation love birds is that no one is ready to communicate with one another. Talk! That is why God gave us mouth. Not just to eat, but also to talk. Communicate with them. Communicate effectively.

Communication is the key to a happy relationship. Open up to your other half. That is the easiest way to fix the most complicated problems. It is okay to be vulnerable to your partner.

4. Hear – To Hear Your Partner, Stay Present & Listen

listen to understandBe a good listener. When your partner is speaking or sharing his/her point of view, make an effort to listen and understand. When you learn to listen to them, you’ll get to understand their perspectives, thoughts.

Speak your heart out and put your ego aside and try to understand your partner’s needs, emotions, and expectations. Let them talk out. Just like you, they have feelings too. Respect their opinions. Takedown your defenses, It is not about defending yourself or prooving your point.

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5. Respect Your Partner

No matter how hurt is you with your partner, you should respect your partner for who they are. They could be annoying, commanding, and very sensitive. Let it be if you love them. You got into the relationship by accepting what they are.

So value your partner, show them your love, concern, and compassion. That’s basic. Let them know that you appreciate them for who they are. It will motivate the other partner to put in effort from their side to save this relationship. This might sound lame, but this works. Respect is mandatory.

I’m not asking you to go to them and tell them that you respect them. Just be humble; after all, they are a fellow human being as you are. Be humble, be patient, and show some grace. Show it in action.

6. Remember The Happy Times You Had.


There are times when I have seen couples fighting over silly things and creating the issue out of none. I feel like a referee or relationship advisor for them. Then out of nowhere, one of them refers to the memories,  past experiences they’ve shared, and they both start laughing. The tension between them is immediately gone; both realized their mistakes and the importance of another person.

So make sure, whenever facing any troubles, try remembering the happy times you had. Talk about the happy things that you guys did together recently. It will surely help to cool down the environment and think more clearly.

7. Don’t Be Virtual

I know we are in the digital world, and everything happens on phones here right from proposing to sexting. But their things that could not be done virtually. One of them is repairing a relationship. Our text messages don’t convey the actual emotion we are trying to emote.

It is always better to talk about problems face to face. There is no stronger message then you emotional words with your facial expression. Moreover, misunderstandings could be significantly avoided when you are talking in person.

I’m emphasizing this because I have been in a situation like this. There was a time when I realized that I was the one messing up a lot in this relationship and texted my partner, saying, “Yes, I’m the reason for everything. You are perfect,” Trust me, I texted those words from the bottom of my heart. But my partner took it the other way around. The other one thought that I mean it sarcastically where I was not!

So when you are trying to fix the problem. Fix a time and go to some places where you had happy memories before and talk there face to face. That is all you needed.

8. Keep That Damn Phone Away

Yes, you read it right. It is not just about talking face to face. There are certain things that you shouldn’t be doing when your partner is talking to fix the issues. Don’t try to be a badass when you are not. As said earlier, be humble and keep it simple.

Keep your phone away when you guys are talking about seeing one another. Be it a 1 million dollar deal. Let it wait. Your relationship should be your priority. This will make the other partner feel that you are serious about fixing the problem. Keep the phone in silent mode (Aeroplane Mode would be useful) and talk to your partner by looking into her.

9. Look Into Eyes

Eyes convey things that even your own words can’t. It is the silent way of saying, “Look, our relationship is my priority.” It makes your point stronger when you say that looking at your partner’s eyes. I’m not asking you to be assertive here. Convey your points politely, but looking into your partner’s eyes.

10. Avoid Provoking Or Going In Past 

This is the killer for most of the relationship. Talking about what your partner did a few years back or provoking is not at all healthy. Why talk about something that happened in the past, and it has nothing to do with the present.

Also, you may are aware of individual pushing buttons that can hurt another person, avoid talking about that in your conversation, no matter how much you’re tempted to do so. Otherwise, you will spoil everything you had or could have in the future yourself. Be relevant when you talk and talk only about the present.

11. Apologize for Past Mistakes

Always start the conversation by apologizing, stop blaming one another. This is something essential to fix the broken heart of your partner. Though, don’t just apologize for the sake of healing relationships instead realize your wrongs and try not repeating the same in the future. Don’t allow your ego come in the way of the beautiful relationship you had. Don’t point out the mistakes of one another because winning an argument is not your goal here.

Ideally, both of you should think about past hurts, regrets, and talk about it and apologize for your part in it. Just say what you are feeling is in your heart. Just let them know how important they are to you. Don’t accuse, say sorry for your part.

I am sure you will be able to save your relationship if you keep things mentioned above in your mind while repairing the relationship. There are no guarantees, but these things have helped me so far, and so did to my friends. It is all about to what extent you can go to save your damaged relationship.

Tips To Remember After Fixing Your Damaged Relationship

Once you have fixed your toxic relationship to a healthy one. You must know what to avoid and what to do to maintain your relationship.

– Give Each Other Space In Relationship

Each human is an individual, no matter how much connected two spouses are; each needs to have a personal space and time to rejuvenate himself and think about himself. This will refill them with the energy and the cheerful spirit to get back to our loved ones with the same amount of affection. To be a better and cooperative partner, one must allow the other spouse to decide on somethings, decisions related to them. Being clingy is not the right choice for any of us.

– Putting Efforts In Your Relationship

Have you ever done something that made your loved ones feel unique about themselves? Sometimes, small gestures of ours leave a good impression of us, so make full efforts to show how you think about the other person. Putting efforts will not just let you express your feelings towards them but also make the other person feel the luckiest. And for that one good damn smile, we don’t think this is something too much to ask for.

– Spend Time Together For A Healthy Relationship

Spending time and travelling will surely help you in making memories and bonds with him. Go on dates, plan outings to the places you have never been before to, attend events and after all this, you will get to know about their likes and dislikes, their adjustment habits and to know more about how the will be reliable in future and make some best of memories. The spark in their eyes will surely be worthwhile.

– Unconditional Love

Loving a broken woman or man is not easy. You have to show your love empathy to heal their hearts. Un-conditional itself says: without any condition. For those who come in a relationship to showcase themselves fit into a rat race without having love, are suggested to end it. You don’t need to expect anything in return. None of the points will make sense without this one. If you love that person, you will fight for it. You will be willing enough to make the above points happen.


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