How To Motivate Yourself To Work Hard?

how to motivate yourself

Do you ever find yourself to be lost?

Life is a roller coaster ride full of ups and downs. There are days when we cease to grow. We block out everything that goes around in our lives and huddles up in one corner, with nothing but negativity surrounding us.

There come moments when a person doubts himself, feels low and starts to undermine himself in` every sphere of life, including those which he used to boost himself once.

This is when we know that we have reached that point in life, where we are entirely lost.

The point where we have no answers to any questions, we have no intentions of getting up and going to work, and most of the time, we never really understand where we are headed and what our goals are.

At this point the following things can happen to us:

  • We can start to build up anxiety, and this could then lead to either stress eating or not eating anything at all.
  • A continuous flow of negative thoughts can lead us to ignore the conditions of our health.
  • You are keeping everything to yourself, being lazy, and not growing or succeeding in life.

Such symptoms can only be the reason for our inability to get up and work. This can be because we don’t know how to motivate ourselves. So let’s make things easy and take a look at some of the natural ways to motivate ourselves.

Here are some of the tips on how to motivate yourself that will help you pull up your socks again with the same spirit and stay motivated.

Best Ways To Stay Motivated To Work Hard

1. Change In mindset

new mindset

When you are trying very hard to achieve something but are unable to do so, one might think whether he/she is meant for it or not, but to be successful, staying focused is critical.

How to stay motivated in that situation?

The best way to get rid of such time to think of it as a dangerous phase that would pass away and not overthink it too much.

The person should think of his purple times and draw some inspiration from that but should never stop trying as the moment you stop working is the moment you take the road to downfall.

Always remember that success never comes overnight; it is still an outcome of perseverance and toil over time.

2. Read motivational books

read booksOne of the best ways to stay motivated in life is to read motivational books such as the Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, Think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill, and many more.

These books will stimulate you to think on your way of looking at things and would bring a positive change in your outlook because motivation gets reflected in one’s behavior.

Check out these Top 20 Must-Read Books on Success and Motivation.

3. The audio-visual effect

If reading books are not your cup of tea, you can look for motivational videos by speakers like Sandeep Maheshwari, Gaur GopalDas.

These people have videos on many topics such as education, career, how to deal with stress, etc. if you look at the number of viewers of such videos, you will feel much better as you will realize you are not the alone one sailing the boat of lousy phase.

Here is a list of top motivational speakers in India for you.

You can also check out the list of top 10 motivational songs in Hindi to motivate yourself.

4. Start setting small goals

As people say, baby steps is the best way to start. Sometimes we tend to get overwhelmed by the big goals that we set for ourselves, and that could inadvertently lead to stress and lack of doing any amount of work.

The best way to begin here is by starting your day with a small short term goal that could be completed in a day or two.

What happens here is that once you accomplish these little goals, it will motivate you to set more goals in the future, and as you go by, remember to increase the length and importance of these goals that you create for yourself.

The best way to make sure you accomplish these goals, no matter how small they are, is through writing them down, and ricking them off once you are done with them.

You could then give yourself a treat or a little surprise once you complete them.  The reason why I’m telling you to start small is that if goals could scare you and that could lead you to procrastinate, and procrastination is the biggest enemy of the brain because it will never let you grow.

So always try to stay away from it. We will also shortly discuss how to stay away from procrastination and how that will benefit your life a great deal.

The main point we are trying to understand in this step is that you must always keep your brain active, the more it does, the more accomplished it feels, and the more you get to grow.

Most of the time, we find it hard to set goals and complete them, but make it easier by setting small goals and giving yourself a particular sort of incentive once you complete them.

5. Reward yourself to motivate

Don’t be too harsh with your mind and body, promise yourself a reward even on small accomplishments. The award can be a short break, treat, hang out, or anything which gets you motivated to work hard again towards your goal.

You should always set long-term as well as short-term goals to achieve your big dreams.

5. Insight from your role models

In whatever phase of life you are, you ought to have someone whom you can look up to. If you look into their early life, you will realize that it was not a cakewalk for them.

It will give you strength and motivation to fight problems with the same amount of grit and determination as they did. Make yourself a vision board to keep your mind focused and track your progress over time.

6. Think about why you started?

why you started

At any point in your journey of life, if you feel demotivated. Just think why you took this path, why did this path excite you back then, what was your goal back then.

This will give you the resilience to reconcile with your current state of affairs which may not be that good. However, remember it is just temporary.

Stop procrastinating and start working hard for what motivates you until your role models become your rivals.

7. Learn to handle stress

People tend to give up when work pressure is high so how to drive yourself to work hard again in stressful situations.

Remember every big thing in this world is significant just because it has handled stress exceptionally well.

For instance, a diamond is nothing but a piece of carbon that handled the pressure well. Even gold becomes gold after getting heated (stress) at such a high temperature.

8. Talk to your near and dear ones

A human heart has a fixed capacity of feelings that it can resist. Once the limit is exceeded you start feeling low and depressed.

The best thing is spending time with family and friends to get out of all that anxiety, uncertainties and deep feelings that are piling up in your heart.

This is a tried and tested trick to stay motivated. It will make you feel lighter and even increase your resistance power. It is quite rightly said that happiness multiplies and sorrow decreases on sharing.

9. Take failure in the right spirit

accept failure

Failure and setbacks are part and parcels of everybody’s life. One should learn to take these failures in the right spirit and as learning experiences.

If a person is continuously winning and winning, it builds pressure on the individual to perform better and better every next time. In this pressure, many of us are not able to express our true selves.

But once you get a failure, you have nothing to lose at all and therefore no pressure to perform. This is where the best in you comes at and outshines your purple patch.

10. Let Environment Motivate you

How to motivate yourself towards your goal when there is so much negativity, criticism, and distraction around you? Learn to find positivity even in small things around you.

Nature is not just a source of bounties for humankind but also a source of inspiration.

Elements of environment like perseverance of the ants for collecting their food, determination of sparrows in building their nest from things which we cannot even think of using in that manner are genuinely inspirational.

11. People around you

Apart from these mentioned above, one can draw inspiration and stay motivated by anyone, and anything one comes in contact with.

One such recent example is Subhasini Mistry, who worked as a maid, a vegetable vendor, did menial jobs to build ‘Humanity Hospital’ which serves the poor people of Bengal.

71-year-old Subhasini Mistry toiled for years as a housemaid, a manual laborer, and a vegetable-seller. All while long, she carried just one dream – to build a hospital for the poor because she couldn’t afford proper medical treatment for her husband and became a widow at 23.

She was awarded the Padma Shri by the President of India this year.

12. Avoid Comparisons

Everyone is running their distinct race in life. Therefore to compare yourself with anyone else is wrong as it demotivates you.

Always remember that you have to work harder and harder each day to reach your goal. Compare yourself with your previous performance as it feels overwhelming, and you will be at peace with yourself and much more motivated, and there will be no stopping you from achieving what you had dreamt for.

These are a few tips on how to motivate yourself that I think will surely help you. If you have any other motivational hacks that helped you earlier, you can share them with us in the comment section.

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