India’s Greatest Ironies That Will Make You Think

India's Greatest Ironies

India is one of the biggest democratic nations in the world and has the most varied culture too. A country in which the population is increasing every second but people do not talk about sex. Where women are molested every day and worshiped as goddess Durga too. Just be witty brings you some India’s Greatest Ironies.

India is a land full of contradictions and ironies. While most of these contradictions are because of social and economic issues, few of them arise from our attitude as well. While all of us want these problems to disappear,  but the problem is our “chalta hai” attitude and let things be as they are, waiting for others to clean up our mess. Ironical isn’t it?

However, we knowingly do all the Ironies and contradiction and still, we do ignore them.

Below are some of India’s Greatest Ironies.

Some you might have already heard, some of them are new but all are interesting to read. We have been gathered India’s Greatest Ironies from various sources. 

 1. We clean our houses with the dirtiest cloth available.

India's Greatest Ironies

2. Politicians here try to divide us, terrorist attacks units us.

candle march
Image source

3. We jump the red lights but we will stop if a cat crosses our path.

black cat

4. It’s okay to pee in public,
but it’s not okay to kiss in public

pee in public

5. We make fun of Chinese products available, but the irony is that we are the ones who buy most Chinese product in India.

6. It is ironic in India that an illiterate can become a political leader and earn loads of money while it is difficult for a professional or skilled person to get a decent job.


7. People protect their phones using guards and covers but they never bother to wear a helmet to protect their head while riding bikes

8. We have to look both sides even when crossing a one-way road.

India's Greatest Ironies

9. We pollute the same rivers we worship and consider ‘holy’.

polluted river

10. Vegetables we eat are sold on the footpath but the shoes we wear are sold in an air-conditioned showroom

street vendor
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Do you have faced any other ironies which I may have missed? Tell us in the comment section India’s Greatest Ironies.


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